justin welch photography

I'm a freelance fine art photographer based in London and Paris.

It’s been a while since my last post but that doesn’t mean I’ve been lying idle in some dark and damp corner. Oh no, in actual fact I’ve been a busy bee. To sum up the past couple of months, I’ve been abroad, yes again, and I’ve photographed two designer shoots as well as 3 separate shows at London Fashion Week.

Let’s start with my international excursions. I went across to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, for two and a half weeks to photography the city and it’s inhabitants. Unfortunately this was not a commission but more of a personal project. Apart from 2 days visiting surrounding towns, I spent most of my time walking the streets of Zagreb, with my trusty camera in hand. I shot a variety of subject matter from buildings, street scenes, people, graffiti and abstract images. My standard kit for the days out was my trusty 24-70mm f2.8 L lens and a recently purchased Lensbaby Composer.

From the gallery on my website you can see I captured and created some amazing images.

I then flew directly from Zagreb to Brussels for a two day exploration trip of the city. Here I also walked the streets photographing buildings, street scenes and the people going about their daily activities.

Eurostar back to London on Friday evening, followed by a studio shoot for a handbag designed, Embellished Truth, in Fulham on the Saturday. The shoot went well and we had a fantastic team including my assistant, Johan – Paul Hion, make-up artist and hair stylist and the designers assistant. The images are on my website under Client Gallery as they are awaiting final sign-off by the designer, who has already raved about them.

The following day I spent with fellow Putney LIP (London Independent Photographer) togs, shooting “The City”. Although the weather was not very cooperative, we still managed to bag some real quality images.

On Monday I began my week on a high note by shooting London Fashion Week (LFW) which was very enjoyable and I managed to cover 3 fashion show.

Images from The City and LFW are located in the Client Gallery on my website so venture over to it and have a look. Any comments welcomed.